Crime data of Bucktown and surrounding Chicago neighborhoods (and some commentary)

Citywide Arrests by District - Oct 20, 2017

Here are stats on arrests for the City of Chicago, by district, for years 2014 to 2017.

These include ALL arrests processed and recorded by CPD made within a given district's boundaries for any and all crimes (robbery, burglary, domestic, failure to appear in court, etc.)

The numbers for 2017 are YTD Jan 1 to Oct 7, otherwise these are actual for each year listed.  2017 appears to be on course to finish with the fewest arrests citywide (and at each district level).

Source for Data:  Chicago Police Dept


  1. Looks like the percent 12 is down in arrests matches up with percent fewer officers in the district. Not surprising.

  2. Mayor has certainly messed up our city. We need to elect a real mayor who is not afraid of the gangs.

  3. This is all the fault of the last Superintendent, more is less type of Policing.